Hi, my name is Kate,

…and together with my husband Rob, we create gorgeous, luxurious and peaceful spaces for people to rest, reconnect and remember what matters most.

We love supporting humans to take time to exhale… little pauses in our busy lives to readjust our sails and refocus on the moments that truly matter.

We are both Yoga Teachers & Family Constellation Therapists who run Retreats and Workshops here on Gubbi Gubbi Country at our breathtaking Sunshine Coast hinterland property.

I’m also the author of a book titled ‘An Invitation to Trust’ and 2 oracle decks, with another book brewing in the background. Rob loves hanging with humans and big exciting conversations. I love hiding my introvert self away at home, spending time with my special people and soaking up nature. (And I dream of tons more time for exhaling and creating).

Thankfully Rob and I share a love of drinking tea while we tackle the big questions in life.

In our work, we support humans to create and live the lives they dream of… so it was a natural progression for us to begin creating and sharing beautiful spaces people can visit to rest, heal, create and nurture themselves within.

Our Cottage, Tiny Houses and Family Lodge are retreats where you can rest in joy, peace, safety and ease for as many nights as you like. They are luxurious love filled creative wonderlands, with the first three being perfect for singles or couples getaways.

We hope you love staying in our homes as much as we have loved building and creating these ‘dreams come true’ for each of you.

You are also welcome to join us at a retreat or workshop! Find out more here

Kindness and gratitude Kate and Rob